Golf buddies dating thailand

12-Jan-2021 04:07

Go East Young Man The standard golf vacation spots for Canadians are south of the border, maybe to the Caribbean or either coast of our great nation itself.With the rise and popularity of Cabot Links, the “East” is becoming one of the best destinations in our own back yard but have you ever thought about venturing even further east, as in the Far East?Also, note that most courses will do their aerification during this time so check maintenance schedules ahead of booking.The Perfect Window Season is the time that runs from June to September as afternoon rains creep in cooling the days off and leaving the mornings the perfect time to play uncrowded stunning courses.The modern comforts of home are readily available with five star hotels at a fraction of the price, delicious award winning dining options, a plentiful amount of stunning resorts and championship quality golf courses designed by all your favourite architects featuring ocean and mountain views at every turn.The real cost are the flights but with many of the top airlines arriving several times daily you can find attractive deals if you plan ahead.Try your best to recall Bill Murray’s character Carl Spackler in Caddyshack as he is caddying for the priest and states “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s going to come down for quite a while” as the two head out in a vicious sideways rain.

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Playing your local favourite courses brings the smile back to your face as you start thinking about the golfing season ahead and possibly where the next big adventure is that you and your buddies want to take your clubs on.

Yes, I’m talking about the soul searching and spiritual land of Thailand in Southeast Asia.

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