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14-Feb-2020 12:26

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A bot interaction typically follows a scripted sequence, much like a choose your own adventure story.A bot can also listen for keywords, or “triggers”, which prompt it into action. I recently did some research focussed on how people engage with chatbots.The outcomes of the research project presented very useful insights and practical solutions, yet it also highlighted lots of other observations and questions — philosophical, ethical and simply, eye-opening.While some say that they prefer the bot to sound like they’re talking to a person, others feel that it should behave like a bot, and stick to being functional.Many companies have hired comedians to write interesting and engaging scripts for their bots.Just as your website or app needs a content strategy ideally before you’ve designed it, so does a bot. Is this the appropriate tone for your business, or the task?

More specifically, looking at the opportunities and challenges that businesses face by using chatbots as a tool to make sales.There are a range of reasons why a chatbot shouldn’t be the only channel for customer service. When there’s an issue or a dead-end to the interaction, be specific about the issue, and redirect the user to immediate and helpful solutions (ie.

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