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(MFdom/MF, humil, wife, nc/drugs) Eager Students**1/2 -- Four teens get together for some kinky fun. Lots of group sex with a little bi towards the end. Fantasy to Reality**--They liven up their marriage by having a bi couple for dinner. --Fantasies**-- A couple goes to a new club, Fantasies, and has a wet and wild time. (MMF, intro) Fixing Pam Up** ----Pam and her husband are fixed up with two bi-guys by her girlfriend (MMMF, MM, wife, exh, intr, orgy) A Fooled Husband*** -- Husband gets recruited by his wife to join in "the Cause," an effort to promote racial harmony by relieving the sexual tensions of black men. Free Pubic Shaves **1/2 -- Their new unisex saloon has just opened, and they're anxious to show off their work. Going Outside the Lines**1/2--A slut contest and strip poker lead to new experiences for two couples.(MFMF, intro, wife) Golden Rod Spa*** --A well hung teen is introduced to bi porn production at a private spa. Helen, Roger, and Me Chapter 1 --2 --3 --4 --5*** --His co-worker talks him into joining he and his wife for some bondage games, unaware of what being a sex slave really entails.Drugged**--The couple he meets at the bar like to drug people and dominate them.A little too non-consensual for me, tho probably not for everyone. An Extraordinary Weekend** -- When seven friends spend a weekend at a beach house, inhibitions are shed..the clothes come off and stay off..everyone starts fucking everyone. Fem Dom** -----She brings home a cum filled pussy and photos of her exploits to her husband everyday (lucky guy! First Time Bi **1/2-- He meets a hot couple on the internet that introduces him to the joys of bi-sex.(Part 1: M F , M F)(Part 2: M F , MM, bi) The prudish faculty of a university in Athens are seduced into appeasing the Goddess in an orgiastic pagan ritual.(M /f, M /F , reluct, lite bd, drug) (Now also available in a BI VERSION). --somethings wrong with my site and many of the links are not working...(I get file:///c:/My Documents/New as the link).After I’ve had a few drinks and am kicking back stroking this thing is when my kinkiest of thoughts start coming out and I found how eager you gays are to serve a straight guy so that’s why I’m here.

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I’m the type of guy that when I’m hard, who knows how far I will take things but one things for sure; I love to use this tool hard and for long periods of time. I’m packing 8 inches long when hard and over 7 inches around and more than willing to prove it.

Chris Ann, and Me ** --He meets an exhibitionist couple who like to play with vibrators in the bookstore and leave the hotel room door open. Lots of tasty cum eating but a bit heavy on the humiliation (for me that is).

(M /F, MM, MFdom/M, wife-slut, humil, interracial).

A Couple and Me *** --A tequila loving she-male links up with a horny couple. Coupons of a Mistress *** --His wife cashes in her coupons in a big way and arranges for a wild weekend with friends.

The girls have a great time tieing up the men and putting them together in various ways. Creampie Reluctance**--- Biguy serves as maid at orgy, licking pussies clean and taking it up the ass.

(MMF, MM, MF, exhib, mild auth/humil, intro) Gym-Slave**1/2 ---A well-hung master shares his bi slave with a lady friend. He's forced to serve at parties, clubs...(MMF, Femdom/MM, F /M, bdsm, shave).