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Unlike most of his countrymen, he doesn't like soccer.This episode showed the computer detecting the hesitation and overpainting arising when someone tried to exactly copy an existing painting.Instead, they measure the visual properties of the brushstrokes (and their surrounding areas).On July 8, 2008, Eric Postma answered questions about how computer analysis can help detect the non-genuine article from a group of otherwise legitimate paintings and other aspects of art authentication.

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Eric Postma is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

On the personal side, Postma reports that he has two teenaged sons and, like many Dutch, rides a bike (without wooden shoes).

Dear Anonymous, We have not yet applied our techniques to ancient 3D objects, but would love to do that.

Provided that we have access to high-quality digital reproductions (e.g.What Dating in London offers you is better than a money back guarantee.

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