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29-Apr-2020 22:57

I feel like it’s a combination of budget constraints and the need to maintain a consistent style. SOUND EFFECTS AND VOICE ACTING (SFX)There is no voice acting. Most sounds are prompted by navigating the menus and playing mini-games.During sex dates, some small groans and sighs can be heard when you chain a combo. MUSICThe game treats you to a simple melody upon starting.It’s a non-offensive cheerful song and sets a good tone for the game.The next song plays when you’re in the game’s map, used to navigate various city areas.Some characters have minor relations to each other, but it doesn’t affect your relationships with them.

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Character CGs are nicely drawn with plenty of emphasis on each men’s rough and muscular bodies.You pick your answers based on your impression of his personality. If you trigger him with your redpill humor, the cash reward is significantly reduced. For example, Owen might ask you what your perfect night would be like. I picked the option of dinner at a fancy restaurant, followed by hot tub and a round of sex.