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UTT: How did you come up with the name of your band, Richard Hell and the Voidoids? My friend and I were ragging on each other, by calling each the other this-oid and that-oid and he called me a voidoid. First I used it for the title of a short novel I wrote, and then a couple of years later as the name of my band.

Metal Wani 's Owais "Vitek" Nabi recently conducted an interview with vocalist Biff Byford of British heavy metal legends SAXON.

You can now listen to the chat in the You Tube clip below.

Speaking about the progress of the recording sessions for SAXON's new studio album, Biff said: "Nigel's [Glockler] just finished drumming on the new album.

I'd still call it a process of "growing up" at that late date though, or even a decision not to grow up. When I was a teenager and already on my own in New York, I was learning how to live the way I wanted, and it was always most definitely outside of normal "society." I didn't care about having the respect of normal society.

I wanted to make art and have fun and say and do what I wanted.

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Those included Howdy Doody, Father Knows Best, The Mickey Mouse Club, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger and Route 66.UTT: How was life growing up for you during the punk era?

RH: That's a pretty broad question, but let's see... When you say "growing up" you probably mean being your age.Heavy metal is the music that lifts us up when we are down.

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Heavy metal is the music to get all our emotions out. Japanese animated TV shows and wrestling are the reasons why this music is in our blood.If your purposes and messages are unique and different from other heavy metal, how would you describe those intentions and messages of yours? Our music has this good message for all people that feel like they are being bullied, or people who want to be free. Malcolm: The message I want to convey in my music is to be free, do what you want to do, and get back up if you get pushed down. Malcolm: If I wasn't in a band, I would want to be a pro skateboarder, guitar technician, or a producer. Malcolm: Putting up the devil horns basically is respect to heavy metal and all it has done for me and a lot of other people.