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02-Oct-2020 18:25

I think passing along the validation to your son could be a great first step.

Often when we care about someone and want to take away their pain, we rush to problem solving too quickly.

First, let’s work towards lifting some of the pain from the breakup.

Then I would use a distraction tactic to lift his mood.

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And you might even begin to bring it up as a way of preparing him for what’s to come.An example of how validation might sound without bashing or problem solving could be something like, “It sounds like you’re in a lot of pain right now. Another great thing you can do is help to find healthy distractions for your son to get him through the heartbreak in the short term.Make sure he is hanging out with positive peer supports.As we all know, there is no shortcut to getting through a breakup.

But with these skills, you will model to your son that while girls may come and go, he will always have your support.

If he can focus on taking care of himself at school, he will find an easing of emotional pain and an increase in happiness.

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