Horoscope and dating

24-Jun-2020 06:03

Mercury’s entry into your 1 hands you opening lines for any occasion worthy of Saturday Night Live.You’ve the confidence to say it, to showcase those ideas and if the opportunity presents itself, to flirt and to start something new. It’s time for new moves – and bold, new beginnings. Your generous nature means you want to share anything from your thoughts and feelings to good times with those you care about.It’s like a mirror someone holds up for us that shows us how they see us. It’s no coincidence that the material girl herself, Madonna, is a Leo.This is also the artist who brilliantly channelled her Leo qualities when she urged us all to ‘express yourself’ – as your sign rules creative self-expression.This could prove one of those happy banana-slip days when things don't work out quite as planned but are enjoyable nevertheless (if a little expensive). ) brochure could set you thinking - as could interior design.You might also be struck by a friend's understanding of Internet usage - and, possibly, learn how to use this to your advantage, Are you a Leo boss?

The full Moon in our partnership zone always reflects back at us. Now you’ve worked on your relationship with yourself and your outer packaging – it’s time to work on your self-worth and relationship to the material world.when a new Supermoon marks the cosmic starting point of your new year no matter when your birthday actually falls. Unlike full Supermoons which we really cannot overlook due to them being so large and bright, new supermoons can be easily ignored.

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