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The shroud is a 14-foot strip of linen on which is faintly imprinted the likeness of a man that seems to bear the wounds of crucifixion.

The faithful believe that this is indeed an image of Jesus, whose likeness was miraculously imprinted in the cloth, possibly at the time of his resurrection.

In 1968, a Marian apparition was even allegedly televised live in Zeitoun, Egypt.

In these visions, Mary usually asks people to pray and occasionally makes prophecies, the most famous being those at Fatima.

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Statues, paintings and other likenesses of Jesus, Mary and saints that appear to weep or even bleed are routinely reported around the world; there are numerous claims every year.Skeptics regard these visions as hallucinations or mass hysteria, while other researchers looking for explanations for these events have even made comparisons of the apparitions to UFO encounters.Scores of books have been written and countless stories have been told (including on this website) about and by people who believe they have had personal encounters with beings they say are angels.There is an ongoing debate about the healing power of prayer.

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One month you'll see an article about an experiment that shows prayer was statistically relevant in healing patients, and the next month another experiment shows that it had no effect whatsoever.

These are some of the phenomena for which science tries to find rational explanations, and for the faithful no explanations are necessary.

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