How is selena gomez dating

16-Jul-2020 15:36

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“Selena, like everyone, would like love but that is not happening with Andrea,” the source continued. Andrea is not exactly her type anyways and she really only thinks of him as a friend.

She trusts him because of that friendship and that is why she likes hanging out with him.

While it’s accurate that in February, and Horan was a guest as well, the two young musicians are not dating.

Gossip Cop checked in with a mutual pal of ours and Gomez’s, and we were told in no uncertain terms that the report about her and Horan becoming a couple is “still untrue.” This bogus storyline, tying the two singers together romantically, dates back to a fabricated Hollywood Life article from February 2014.

It’s about sharing moments,” another source told the outlet. In 2017, they even went to counseling with Hillsong counselor Carl Lentz to work on their relationship.

“She has lots of her good friends there with her too, Raquelle, Ashley, and more of the girls form her core inner circle. “They don’t want to repeat the same patterns as before,” a source told People.

Still, that same blog continued through 2017 has reheated this fictitious scenario.

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“They have worked together in the past and really bonded over the time they’ve spent together while filming,” the source continued.When it comes to celebrities, people always want to know as much as possible about their personal lives.What their diet is like, what their daily routine is, etc.The often disproven tabloid contends they turned from platonic pals to boyfriend and girlfriend after reconnecting at a mutual acquaintance’s wedding in February.

In an attempt to make its premise seem more believable, the outlet quotes a supposed “source” as saying Horan and Gomez have “always been close but something changed.” The alleged tipster asserts, “They’ve been chatting a lot more than usual.” After claiming that her friends and family have been “urging her to take it slow,” the purported “source” notes how Horan has been “nothing but supportive” of Gomez, which has earned her loved ones’ “seal of approval.” Glaringly missing, however, is any proof that Gomez and Horan have moved out of the friends zone and into a full-fledge romantic relationship.

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are not finally dating, nor are they headed in that direction, despite a new report.