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17-Aug-2020 00:08

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If you both end up naming some of the same shows, then you may have just met a new binge-watching partner. But maybe they start the day with a morning mile run—not unlike you, hey! In describing what they're like, you'll get some scoop on their family, which can reveal a lot about someone you've never met.

Whether it’s a bizarre tale of getting a straw lodged in their nose as a kid or spring break mishap in undergrad, everyone has a good “ouch! It’s a topic that’s guaranteed to get a dialogue going.

If you aren't there yet, keep trying to woo the group. Try asking her to get a breath of air, or have her come along with you to get a drink.

If you are able, continue this trend by leaving to a new location entirely.

After all, you’re just two strangers doing your best to connect, so acknowledging the situation—awkwardness, platitudes, and the possibility that both parties are perhaps just going through the motions—might have an outcome that surprises you.

Most people are filled with self-doubt and self-consciousness while misreading intentions and cues.

Their answer gives you insight into their palate, as well as provides some potential dinner date ideas down the line.