Im dating a much younger woman

25-Jul-2020 07:08

Dating older men can be an experience unto itself and comes with perks you may have never imagined before.

Of course, there’s something romantic, alluring and even reassuring about dating a man who’s quite a bit older than you.

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Here’s the thing; many older men dating much younger women don’t have children with them.

Dear Sheila, I’ve heard a version of your question from hundreds of women. It’s hard to imagine why someone in their fifties and sixties would want to spawn more kids. I wish I could tell you that I had the perfect answer, but I’m afraid there isn’t one answer to this question. They are trying to fulfill a biblical directive to sire many children. They are out there, and they are attracted to sexy women in midlife.

Many of them already have children – sometimes up to four or five from a first or second marriage! People are motivated to do things for very different reasons. Those men love a woman who is independent, strong, smart, can communicate her feelings and needs well, and is happy with herself.

Women sought out the man with muscles, broad shoulders, one who could till the fields and bring home the hunt of the day.

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Subconsciously, those instincts are still hardwired into our brains. Young men were shown photos of women in various stages of their menstrual cycle, and across the board, women who were ovulating were rated as more attractive! A quality mature man will want the whole package; a woman who takes care of herself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She’s smart and isn’t afraid to let down her guard and let the right man into her “inner circle”.

It seems that there will always be men who chase women up to half their age. But what you can do is look for men who want a mature woman by their side as they grow older.