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25-May-2020 12:37

In a recent on-line survey about Chinese women's sexual situation, only 7 per cent expressed they will seek help from doctors if they have problem with sex.An amazing 37 per cent chose not to seek any help at all, with the remainder seeking help from the Internet or by reading relevant books.To outsiders, they are a perfect couple, a 'model family' in their community.In all this time, however, she has never experienced the euphoria of orgasm.When she tells one woman she was born in 1983, the woman responded: “Oh, you are very brave! One man said girls over 35 would stay single for the rest of their lives, “because there’s just nobody for them.” “After I told them how old I was, there would be an extremely awkward moment,” said Yingguang. They don’t really care at all about why you think you’re a good person.” She said they would start discussing her “statistics” — openly and in front of her — as if she wasn’t there.Bizarrely, Yingguang was often even compared to real estate."These results are hardly convincing from our clinical experience," observed Ma Xiaonian, director commissioner of the Professional Committee of China Sexology Association.

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"The findings reveal that, generally speaking, the group of women surveyed are confident and independent.“Just like the old saying goes, ‘a woman’s virtue lies in her lack of talent.’” The nation’s skewed gender imbalance means there are currently 118 men for every 100 women — and around 200 million Chinese are currently single.