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23-Dec-2020 04:30

I could see the lust in his eyes, he was mentally undressing me and I stood there, still and let him.

What happened next and why it happened is still a mystery but I walked over towards the bed he was sitting on and said, "Robby, this isn't right but if you want to stare at me in my undies Ok." In my mind I was enjoying the attention.

I opened my eyes to see Robby's face inches from mine and I felt his cock go soft and flop out of my cunt.

At that point I realized what I had done, I fucked my son, I had sex with my son I enjoyed every minute of it.

I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, I looked Robby in the eyes and said, do you want me to take it off? I hesitated for a second and let go of the bra, here I was standing in front of my 19 year old son with my titties in all there sagging glory handing out for Robby to see.

For a few seconds nothing happened then Robby said, mom, they are beautiful.

Please don't Robby said, you are so beautiful and I want to look at you.

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I could help my self, I gripped his head and held it while he sucked my nipples. I awoke from what I thought was a dream, the best sex I have ever had, in my life and the man that I had the great sex with was beside me in the bed. What happened and how did I find myself in this "incestuous" mess? Robby shared a dorm room with 3 other boys, I couldn't stay with him so I booked a room at the local hotel with 2 doubles and Robby and I were going to spend parents weekend doing what parents and new students do, learning about the campus etc.Robby, though shy agreed to share the room so I checked in gave him a key, he went off to meet some friends I went off to the room for a nap. After the shower I put on clean panties and a bra, walked into the bed room and to my surprise I heard whistle, turning, there was Robby eyes wide staring at me in my undies.I said, you are just saying that, these 47 year old boobs sag too much and Robby stopped me saying no, they don't, they are gorgeous. I moaned slightly, it was all the encouragement Robby needed.

He asked if he could touch them and said he had never seen breasts up close except in porn videos. Next thing I felt was his mouth on my nipple, licking and sucking, the shock through my body was intense, my nipples have always been my hot button.

In a sexual haze, I stepped out of the panties and stepped back. I let him stare at my trimmed pussy and tits, I turned 180 and let him stare as my ass. For the first time in many years I felt fingers other than my own entering my steaming cunt sending shivers though my body.