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27-Jan-2021 18:47

The will come to that complain page and will post his comments with different id and will states that it is not fake . SHe is continuing her activity for the last 7 years and making good services for innocent people.

s He has various email id like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

90% of all women members join in this was as discreetion is of most value to housewives who have a very decent stature in the scoiety and also have their husbands and childrens reputation to look after They also have come up with an extensive package for High class Indian men and NRIs to have Office girls and students to stay on monthly basis in their offices or homes with all the same benefits as a housemaid services.

This is agodsend opportunity for Indian men seeking pleasure when their wives are not around and to have safe and healthy relationships in secret All members are willingly joined & hence no issues or health problems arise.

There is also a policy discouraging content that simply paraphrases another link ("linkjacking"). Why force people to stumble around in the dark and then be punished when they step in the dog piles?

Perhaps linkjacking is perfectly acceptable for banned sites. [Or is there a concern about legal concerns if one "vilifies" a site by pronouncing it banned?

"already my husband has accused me of being & behaving as a randi & he never touches me. I loved the pungent male smell of cock, my first & then slowly i took my father-in-laws cock in my mouth & started old man squirmed with cum in my mouth & still was ertect, i parted my legs & he climed ob me & pushed his cock into my cunt.

My mother-in-law is encouraging him to flirt with another girl from the family, so why not I thought" I allowed my father-in-law to carry me onto the bed & he enjoed my body with his eyes & hands through my if he read my mind he pulled his cock out & asked me to suck it.

Do you want contact Mobile numbers telephone numbers and contact numbers of real kannada women married and unsatisfied housewives in bangalore and Aunties wanting boys and gigolos ?? COM MEMBERS DIRECTLY AND HAVE SEX AND FUN AND ENJOY THE WARMTH OF OTHER GUYS WIVES.

They are not supposed to react sexually or show their won sexual drive & feeling while their husbands fuck them Some members of me their experiences & stated that most men were put off when they started reacting to their husbands thrusts into their cunts. men think their wives are whores is if they react sexually during sex.

They got excited so much that :in their own words "I wanted to raise my hips & slam up when my husband pulled his cock out of my was slow & my cunt was on fire. I bit my lips & when i couldnt the slow pace of my north indian husband I just let go & screamed & started buscking my big hips up hard & fast till i came !!! This is common all north indian & south indian states of india There is an interesting epilogue to this story however !

Perhaps, on the whole, the content from these sites is not useful enough, or too much gets submitted, or someone spammed one of these sites here, or any number of other reasons.

However, in the interest of transparency (which this article suggested is an important component of a successful community culture : I think that the list of banned sites, along with the reason why they're banned, should be made public.


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