Indian men dating american women story

13-Feb-2020 06:06

(Isn’t it when they dislike us for our skin color that we’re supposed to get upset?) But when I met him for dinner, he seemed a decade older than he was, which made me feel like I was a decade younger. Once, he was particularly taken with a suitor who claimed to be a brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins and friends with a famous Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit.When I go out on a first date with an Indian man, I find myself saying things I would never utter to an American.Like, I would expect my husband to fully share domestic chores. But after a decade of Juan Carloses and short-lived affairs with married men and Craigslist flirtations and emotionally bankrupt boyfriends and, oddly, the most painful of all, the guys who just never call, it no longer seems like the most outlandish possibility.

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Other Indian women I know seem to be coming to the same conclusion.

As with any singles Website geared toward one community, you also get your interlopers.