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Amazingly, their history may be traced back to the Roman Empire. 74, the Roman army traveled across the Alps into what is now southern Germany.It is believed that the breed descended from one of the drover dogs indigenous to ancient Rome. A town in this region was eventually given the name Rottweil, and it was home to the dog breed we now call the Rottweiler.With their bulky build and laser focus, these tough names might be a good fit for your Rottweiler: As we mentioned before, the Rottweiler traces the majority of its history to Germany.In the Middle Ages, traveling butchers used the breed to guard money pouches around their necks. With their intelligence, endurance and physical abilities, it’s no wonder that in addition to being a loyal pet, the Rottweiler also makes a great police dog, herder, therapy pet or service dog. Robust and powerful while at the same time loyal and obedient, the Rottweiler makes a devoted companion ready to protect their family and keep their loved ones safe.

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D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a massive human being with a name to match.

As a smart, working dog, the Rottweiler was put to work in various roles, including as a messenger, ambulance, draught and guard dog.