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Weitere Stationen: Redakteur beim "Hamburger Abendblatt". 2002 Wechsel als Korrespondent ins SPIEGEL-Hauptstadtbüro. Seit Oktober 2009 Ressortleiter Politik und Leiter des Berliner Büros bei SPIEGEL ONLINE, seit März 2011 Mitglied der Chefredaktion. Christoph Reuter, Jahrgang 1968, ist Reporter im Ressort Ausland des SPIEGEL.

Er berichtet seit Jahrzehnten aus den Krisenregionen der islamischen Welt - seit 2011 vor allem aus und über Syrien. has been bolstering its presence in the Persian Gulf.

Iran was still trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, he said, and arming the U. On the one side is the American superpower, with the largest armed forces and the strongest economy in the world.

It is prepared to use its economic clout as a weapon to enforce global sanctions against Iran.

In Washington, many of the details of the conflict with Iran bear the signature of John Bolton. It became clear last week that this double strategy isn't working so well. In May, John Bolton warned, "Any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force." It didn't sound like he was talking about sanctions against the Iranian economy, but about war. Tehran said the drone had crossed into Iranian airspace.

He's been urging the president to take a harder stance against Tehran for months and has even been advocating military action. For months, advisers to the president have vowed to retaliate if Iran attacked American soldiers or U. Then last week, Iran's Revolutionary Guard shot down a U. The Pentagon maintains the aircraft was over international waters.

The president wants to bring the regime in Tehran to the negotiating table. But he has underestimated the Iranians' persistence. Many Republicans in the Senate and Congress consider the prospect of war with Iran risky and unnecessary, though there is an influential group of Congresspeople that supports Bolton's hard line. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told DER SPIEGEL in an interview that he considered the current situation very dangerous.

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On top of this, Iran can count on the goodwill of Russia.Only two strikes would be necessary, he said: the first and the last.Bolton's problem is that the president requires Congressional approval if American soldiers are to be involved in an armed conflict.If anything, Maas' visit convinced Tehran that the Europeans cannot be counted on. Attacks have been carried out against American facilities in Iraq, though no one has taken credit for them. An oil tanker burned near the Strait of Hormuz, and though it's not entirely clear who attacked it and five other ships, the government in Tehran has long made it known that it considers the world's most important trading route for oil to be part of its strategic capital.

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Wars also happen when there doesn't appear to be a face-saving way out for either side. is shortening the lifespan of the regime in Tehran -- which will do anything it can to survive. Houthi militias in Yemen have intensified their attacks against the U. If Iran can't export oil, then other countries shouldn't be allowed to do so either.And if the White House also imposed a travel ban against Iran's moderate foreign minister, Javad Zarif, it would alienate one of the last remaining high-ranking Iranian interlocutors willing to travel to the U. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas' trip to Tehran two weeks ago was a flop.