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REYNOLDS HISTORICAL GENEALOGY COLLECTION ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 00729 1146 ait DATED 1483. 15,562, britlsh museum, Mitlj Inlrobiicixon aub ITioic^, BY SIDNEY J. HEEETAGE, Editor of the ' Gesla rsommayrum ;^ 'Sir Ferinnlrns ' Tussc-r's Five Hundred Poiils.' c':\ WITH A PREFACE HENKY B.

16s in the library of lord moxson, collated with the additional ms.

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Ces documents ne peuvent être réutilisés, sauf dans le cadre de la copie privée, sans l'autorisation préalable du titulaire des droits.

Thus this interesting book, which remained for so many years on the list of work to be done, is at Icngtli placed on the more satisfiictory list of work accomplished. The names fittnched to the old Dictionanes are curious and worthy of a passing notice here. convenience attending tlie existence of a double set of notes, and the risk wliicli exists of additional notes being overlooked, I do not know tlijit any apology for their presence is necessary^. Of the former I have made free use, although, at the same time, endeavouring to gather together illustrations and quotations not to be found there.

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