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There are certain aspects of both disciplines that do cross over.

When it comes to writing songs, I pull from my personal experiences, as well as other people�s lives, just like I do in acting.��I want to be in a world where I�m making the kind of music I want to make, and that�s what I�m doing right now,� she concludes.

Writing with such well-respected tunesmiths as Grammy winners Adam Schlesinger [Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Stephen Colbert] and Toby Gad [Fergie, Beyonce, Brandy, Jordin Sparks, Alicia Keys] as well as David Gamson [Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Chaka Khan, Scritti Politti], Osment�s album bow combines her classic rock influences into a mature-beyond-her-years blend of state-of-the-art electro/Europop (as on the first single, �Lovesick� and the feisty �Double Talk�), alternative/indie (�Let�s Be Friends,� �Gotta Believe in Something�), sophisticated, jazzy torch ballads (�Marisol� and �You Get Me Through�) and even rapping over hip-hop beats (�1-800 Clap Your Hands [The Water is Rising]).�An accomplished musician, whose mom first taught her to play guitar, Osment wrote most of the songs on Fight or Flight in recording studios in New York and L. He�s pretty intimidating, aside from his tiger tattoo, but he ended up being so easy to work with.

A., before turning the tracks over for Hooper to work on in London (where they communicated on Skype), then finishing them up together back in the States.�It was nerve-wracking, terrible and wonderful all at the same time,� she says of working with Hooper. We really meshed.��It�s about that chemical reaction in your head when you�re faced with fear,� she says. Working on this album, I had so many decisions along the way about whether to take on a particular battle or not.

Osment was born in Los Angeles, where her family still resides, to actor Michael Eugene Osment, and Theresa Osment a teacher of English.

�And if I can convince myself of that, I don�t think it will be too hard to convince the rest of the world of that, too.

I was so involved in every single process of this record, and the songs are so related to my own life.�The songs are filled with references to her own favorite groups, whether the nod to White Stripes� �Seven Nation Army� in �1-800 Clap Your Hands [The Water is Rising],� which she wrote on a plane flight about having the faith to keep it together when it all looks like it�s coming apart, or the dance-floor pulse of �Get Yer Yah-Yah�s Out,� a tribute to the Rolling Stones� 1969 live album of the same name, with its call for one and all to party.�I don�t want to write songs that are just surface-deep,� explains Emily, whose own favorites growing up included listening to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Monkees, the Doors and Herman�s Hermits, as well as modern groups like The Pixies and Massive Attack.

�I want songs that, the more you listen, the more you figure out what I�m talking about.

In 1998, she was seen in the FTD (Flower Delivery Company) commercial. She played the role as Miranda Aiken in the 1999 film The Secret Life of Girls.

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