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Vlogger who turned his You Tube channels into the successful Maker Studios media company. His Shay Carl channel has accumulated over 1.6 million subscribers.He did a two-year Mormon mission in Trinidad and Tobago before dropping out of college to pursue an entertainment career.

I go into my bathroom & curl my hair like I do normally. Our proven model gives event professionals full access to all keynote and celebrity speakers while allowing them to build a long-term partnership with their trusted booking agent.For over 15 years, All American Speakers has purposefully refrained from providing exclusive representation to celebrity speakers. Once we get there, we head straight to Gavin's small area upstairs where he shoots most videos. " He says tapping his fingers on his forehead on the left side twice with his right hand & then pointing two fingers upwards on the right side."Bee out! " We say in unison, waving with both hands at the camera! ""Well, it's because even though Claire actually isn't my sister & I didn't meet until like 15 months ago, She always felt like an older sister to me & we thought it would be appropriate to film this! ""Usually Claire, because it takes her like 20 minutes just to pick an outfit. The next question says what is one thing that annoys you about each other?

It also let me become confident in myself & able to publicly speak, sing, dance or whatever & not caring what others think! Next question comes from Oliver & he asks 'how tall are both of you? We are going to a We the Kings one in Los Angles as well as a Blake Shelton one, both with Claire Maria here! '""My Favourite is the Indiana Jones ride, which we always fast pass! I think it's Space Mountain, with Splash Mountain & Indiana Jones coming close behind! My favourite thing to do with Bee here is having movie nights together. We have so much junk food & I know this may be weird but where I play sports I have to stay really healthy so we both workout together the next day! Please give this video a big thumbs up, comment down below & with that, Gav out! We laughed about that for like a hour straight.""It was hilarious! Which was short-lived & it didn't really mean anything.""Okay, Question 5: Who takes longer to get ready? ""Well, in PMs, I asked ' when are we doing Gav Maria day again? ' And Gav replied with ' Come to my room, Maria.' And that was the extent of our private messages last night."But our group chat with Log, Maria, Brailee, myself & Avia, 15 minutes ago we had a conversation on whether or not Brai should pack a 2 piece with a bikini bottom or a skirt bottom for her second bathing suit for vidcon." Gavin states."That actually did happen.

I walk in Avia's room first as she takes the longest to wake up."Avia, it's time to get up.