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But, I'm also not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back.”Most of the accounts from those who were his friends and associates show that he had "very close" relationships with several gay and bi-sexual men.

That an actor is gay or bi-sexually isn’t at all hard to believe, but when it conflicts with the on screen image, the public chooses to reject the truth.

“Karen was very upset at the time and that’s when she asked Jamie to try and keep Louise away from Kevin.

“Emotions were running high as it’s not the type of situation either of them expected to be in.” Louise was furious when she found out about the phonecall because she viewed Karen, who she posed for a sauna photo with Daisy Lowe in February, as a close friend.

James Dean avoided the draft by registering as a homosexual.

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Ex-footballer Jamie, 44, had become increasingly concerned about the impact Strictly was having on his 18-year marriage, prompting him to reach out to Karen, 35.Brackett bought Dean nice clothes, took him to nice restaurants and introduced him to movie stars and other people who could help his career; it was a classic “kept boy” scenario.

No one likes rude people, and no guy would want to strike a conversation with a girl who may snap at him or insult him for approaching her! This is a big one that’s something you always need to remember.… continue reading »

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