Is willa ford dating maksim

09-Jul-2020 22:01

People magazine reports Willa Ford and her longtime boyfriend, Dallas Stars hockey player Mike Modano, were married on Saturday (August 25) in Athens, Texas.

Ford’s manager, Brad Marks, revealed that the couple exchanged vows in an early evening ceremony held at a private ranch in front of 75 guests. Willa Ford was on the phone with Toby Knapp of Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC on Wednesday (April 11), where she discussed her upcoming film role as Anna Nicole Smith.

“Every week I told people the truth – we were close, we hung out – but the show loved to fuel the relationship.”The wedding will be either next summer or the folowing, summer of ’08; off season for Mike’s team.

Willa says “I’m really one of those old-fashioned Southern girls who wants to get married, have a little time as newlyweds and then have babies.”Willa Ford was on the phone with Jeff & Jer of Star 94.1 FM in San Diego on October 10th, when she was still on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

After laughing about comparibly bad her ex boyfriend Nick Carter’s career was going now, Ford joked that Aaron Carter would’ve made a great Daniel, but when she suggested it to the producers they had already selected someone. Contributed by Bad Ass4Backstreet: According to People Magazine, Willa Ford has announced her engagement to long time on/off boyfriend, Dallas Stars hockey player Mike Modano.

The engagement will come as a shock to many seeing how the rumors about her and Dancing With The Stars partner Maks having a love thing on the side of the show.“Maks and I were definitely close and we still are, but I kept saying that it’s going to be a shocker to everybody when they find out (I’m engaged to Mike,)” Ford says.

Willa won’t be getting larger implants and insisted it was a beautiful script that won’t include her mother Virgie.She talked about escaping the bottom two, her intense partner, how it’s hard not to want to vote for Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez’s bad rep with the ladies, and more.