Jackson rathbone and ashley greene dating in real life

01-Jul-2020 01:04

By sheer force of will, Alice adopted a “vegetarian” diet of animals while she waited to meet Jasper.

She knew that was part of what united the Cullens, and she wanted to be prepared.

Humans think of a vegetarian diet as one without meat, preferring grains and vegetables instead. Since vampires don’t need regular food, they tend to take their fuel from human beings.

There are, however, alternatives to that, and Alice set out to find them before she even met Jasper.

Already adopted into the Cullen family and married by the time they became part of Bella’s life, much of their history was only hinted at in the novels.

Details about the duo were left to be expanded in both the movies and companion books.

She couldn’t have been in the asylum for longer than a year or so before she was turned, but Jasper still beats her by several decades.

As a result, Jasper was much more wary about interacting with new ones. She explained to Jasper the visions she had of their life together, and how the Cullens would take them in as family, not as soldiers.While Jasper did belong to a different group for a while, Alice was mostly on her own.When Alice’s father plotted the demise of her mother– and Alice knew– he had her committed to an asylum.Jasper, on the other hand, was turned for more selfish reasons.

A vampire named Maria wanted him to help her create her own army to take back her territory.The vision she had showed Jasper using his abilities and attacking humans to feed before she saw what their life could be like with the Cullens.

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