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21-Nov-2020 03:27

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How many girls think they’re entitled , who absolutely do not come from that kind of background, who do not have the means to get it themselves? This game that they played worked well in their 20’s and 30’s, sometimes even in their 40’s–but when these girls are 60, what’s going to happen? I think it’s unfortunate.” He continued: “Another truth about the sexual situation of New York relations between men and women is a small percentage of the men, a very small percentage, get a disproportionate percentage of the physical action.

And the only chance they’re gonna get it is to marry it. Ten percent of the men or less do 60 percent of the screwing.” “I hate those guys! `I Can’t Use People’ “Part of it is they just have different values and morality. Women like men who feel nothing, who can tell any lie to get what they want, and then say goodbye.

He was hawkish on Vietnam, despite the low number on his draft card his senior year. The Faded Blonde A week after that drive to Southampton, a Friday at dusk, Mr.

Block was at an outdoor table at La Goulue, watching the scene. ” he whispered, pointing to a faded blonde woman drinking a beer and chain-smoking Marlboro Lights, all alone. She was an absolute knockout, even when I met her four years ago.

K., now we can have a 1950’s morality as far as heterosexual expression of sexuality.’ But I do not believe that gays should be kissing in public, that openly homosexual people–I don’t believe in openly homosexual people! Today they think there’s some biological–the bottom line is, the answer to that would be they’re now proving that schizophrenia has a biological basis. His mother, a former reporter and editor, died when he and his twin brother were five.

You’re born with schizophrenia, too, but no one’s saying, ‘Well, that’s normal.'” “So you’re repelled by homosexuality? I mean, a male can do everything with a female that he can do with a male, but you can do much more with a female, you know? Nannies and an “outstanding” Scottish housekeeper brought them up.

He sees the woman from Milan every month, but she may not be too enamored with the idea of setting up house in Toledo.

And that’s part of the deal for any woman who marries him. “I’m proud to be a native of Toledo, Ohio,” he said.

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Why do I have such a high rank that I’m entitled to this? “I liked this girl,” he said, “but she used the word ‘entitled.’ I’m entitled! Another line I’ve heard is, ‘My mother settled–I won’t settle! I think some of these 40-ish women have deliberately waited too long.

’ I’ve heard New York women using the word ‘entitled’ to describe what they should have. House on Gin Lane, a big apartment, a private jet, all these things. ’ My answer is, ‘You’re just trying to justify rejection of a lot of good men! We’re not talking career women here, we’re talking women who are just stupid, in my view, overly demanding.

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