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Shortly after her breakup, she was dealt another seismic blow: Her long-estranged mother, who frequently appeared in Lewis’s songs, died of liver cancer. It has a more robust and straightforward rock sound than her previous work, but still hews to her signature style of combining gentle melodies and syrupy, shining vocals with accounts of darkness and desperation, all topped off with a reckless shrug. On one track, she sings about getting “wired on Red Bull and Hennessy,” on another, she sits “in a black Corvette, getting head in the shadows.” Today we’re in for a far more wholesome, laid-back scene: On Lewis’s suggestion, we’re going for a nature hike.

As the two of us trudge up the dusty canyon trail near her house, I’m struck by how much Jenny Lewis looks like Jenny Lewis, even when she’s hiking.

The film stars Anne Hathaway as a young woman who returns home after her brother is injured (Ben Rosenfield) and romantically connects with his favorite musician (Johnny Flynn).

Set against the backdrop of the Brooklyn music scene, also stars Mary Steenburgen as Hathaway’s mom, which is perfect casting.

Inside her charmed house, underneath her cheerful exterior, she’s working through a heavier chapter in life.

That bedroom paint color, the one that she likes so much that she’s hauling it with her across the country, was introduced after her boyfriend of 12 years, musician Johnathan Rice*, moved out.

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Maybe that explains the apparent chemistry on “I’m Having Fun Now,’’ which they weren’t sure they would even release at first.

They cited her late-night presence at his Rock the Kasbah blowout and her Instagram of them onstage together there, as well as a few other pretty tenuous connections, as proof.

Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, are a pair of environmental conceptual artists from Europe.… continue reading »

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