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I feel as though this is a scam Caller ID shows Virginia- When I answered the phone no one responded and then the phone disconnected- I immediately initiated the redial feature on my phone and a recorded message came on advising the phone number is disconnected I found a cat on April - On June I saw a May craigslist post for the cat- This was the number listed in the posting- I've been trying to call and keep getting a message that this number is not accepting calls at this time- I also responded by e-mail, but have not heard back- I would really like to reunite the cat with his guardian- Please help me locate "Miles-" Thank you Same here- Are these people on Drugs?Come on guys use your brain- Do think I would buy or have any correspondence with a company that will keeps calling me and leaves no message?To trace a mobile phone number from 2024851 series, search mobile phone number above.I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number- They didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up-Fort Worth Car Insurancewww-fortworthcarinsurancequotes-org Mansfield Ave Fort Worth, TX received calls from this number days in a row- Hung up when I answered first days- Called number back first day went to voice mail and stated not accepting any new voice mail messages- Called back second day and I asked who was speaking, foreign accent that was on a speaker phone said they called wrong number- I said do not call me again- Today I answered and asked who it was- Same foreign voice said some kind of home security company- I said do not call me again-He responded oh do you want me to take you off the call list- I restated do not call me again, is that not clear enough for you?He then restated so you want me to take you off the call list, then said and what is your social security number,duhhhh I blocked the number- Bewaregetting these calls from , - times a day- tried answering, they hung up- tried calling back, no answer- tried using the do not call option, they keep calling- really, really annoying and disruptive- Stop Them You get a non-working number when you call back because the original caller faked his Caller ID- Yes, it's pretty easy to do these days- On the positive side, when you get someone who's falsifying their Caller ID you know without even talking to them that they're criminals of some sort This guy owns a very nice guy that operates Real State services carpet cleaning very professional guy that works for Sean's cleanest carpets they have been doing this work for the last 8 years with a different process to clean your carpets using equipment for more than 24851159 including a buffer cleaning for extra 20 dollars and only 19 dollars per room and 2 dollars for chemicals for a minimum of 2 rooms not scammer nice professional services they also do certified pool operators.Nice people The guys name is Neal Kramer- Says they have been in the biz for years- Complete bull crap, I ask him if he can prove it and he hung up on me?????Are people actually accepting these checks and the checks r bad or r they coming to your house???Scary This appeared to be a telemarketer- Identified themselves as a Comcast representative (but Comcast did not show up on caller ID), stating that they could offer a better deal than the representative at our local Comcast store- Asked for our address and if they could meet at our home the same day to discuss details This guy called to renew a magazine subscription and wanted our credit card number- When my wife refused, he started bullying her and threatened that the subscription would not be renewed if she didnt give the cc#- She said "Fine I'll just renew online"- I think the best plan is to keep him on the line for as long as possible, wasting his time for nothing- "Let me see if I can find my cc#," etc- etci recieved a call about a job offer so i checked this number which came from a cell hone- i n new jersey- i placed an add on craiges list for a job and his story didnt jive at all- im not saying its a scam but it has the eramqarks of one- as As they say buyer beware Don't know who this is- Phoned and did not leave message or call back- I've had so many spam calls that I don't trust any incoming call listed only as " Service"- Anyone else receiving calls from this number?

"Me "Um, yes I had my left foot taken off-"Scamer "What?Recieved the same calls, they were looking for my parents saying that they would be served papers to apper in court- I told them I was not a liaison for my parents and that they needed to call them directly- The "Jack Jones" scumbag said it was going to be my problem if my parents dont show up to courtreceived a call from this number, but didn't recognize it so I let go to voicemail- a lady said she was calling from NCG Consultants and she was calling in regards to a formal complaint that had been filed- She said "this needs your immediate attention- If we do not get a response, we will document it in your file and send it to processing" I'm pretty sure it is a scam, as there would be no reason why someone would file a formal complaint, as she stated- I will not be calling the number back- If it's that serious, I'm sure I would have received something in the mail, or would already be aware of a filed complaint Recieved a call from this number and like everyone else, no message left when it went to voicemail- Tried calling it back and a lady answered and didn't state the name of the company or anything so i just hung up KV Appliance Repair is a licensed family run company that is located in Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley- We cover the San Francisco bay area including the San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, as well as San Jose and its surrounding cities The caller introduced herself as calling from US Immigration department on a Friday evening around : PM- She informed that my immigration records are not up to date and that I have only minutes to up date- She also threatened that If the records are not updated that I will be deported the very next day- She would put red card on my immigration records- I insisted that I would not provide any information to her unless I establish the authenticity of the caller- She threatened saying that be ready to pack your things and you will take the flight next day at : AM- I asked her to do whatever she can and hanged the call I have asked to be removed from their call list on separate occasions- Each time I ask, I am removed for about or months but then the calls start again- It is a telemarketing corporation that phones for charities- I do not support charities that use telemarketers- I have also experienced retaliation from this group- After requesting not to be called I received two calls- Each time I answered there was loud laughter and a male voice saying, "oh sorry" then hanging up- This is a ruthless group of people and any charity that uses them is, in my opinion, unethical I get a call at least once a day from this number, or a similar one- I've received , and in addition to , Some days they call x, I'm never able to answer when they call, they don't leave a message, but it doesn't hang up right away so my voicemail picks up something, it sounds like a call center but I can never make anything out I called this number back and they are saying they are loyality reward company- They said, i went to some of their partner website, so they want to give me - rewards gift voucher for which i have to pay - only- they asked my name and address and also credit card number- Its just scam i think, who will give credit card number over the phone for someone calling from unknown number,just to let others to be aware This is Castle Windows , they call every - minutes, and refuse to take your name off their calling list, despite multiple requests- Their contact person is Tony Carr, who can be reached at x- He welcomes feedback A Man called saying he was calling abot a warehouse- When I looked at the phone my named show as if I was calling myself- I called back and he hung up on me- Then I called back and the person that answered said this was a LABTrying to get me to confirm the last digits of my social security number- This time the number came from () -, and their name was supposedly Mynor Gomez from the Van Ru Credit corporation- After I aksed him how he could live with himself by scamming people, he gave me their 'corporate number; () , I've confirmed this is a bogus number- I said "Why did you call from () -"- He said "Because I'm calling from Chicago"- I said "well, that's your next problem, () area code is New Jersey-"If they want you to deposit checks in your account and then send WU it is not a real company- It is a scam- The check is not real- It will bounce around for a month or two and then it will be charged back to your account and you will be responsible for all of the money you sent WU as well as the amount that you kept as your fee- This happens all the time- Run Got a call from "Unknown Name Unknown Number" offering me a low interest rate credit card to replace my Visa or Mastercard- He gave me his name, "Alex" and a phone number , to make it sound legit- His grasp of the English language was below par so I doubt if he was from a legit company-First he needed to know the - customer service number on my Visa- I asked him why he needed that and he said to verify that I had a Visa Card- I assume that he would then try to get my Visa number and the security code- Maybe I overreacted but thats about the time I told him to take a Flying FI've gotten calls from this number at least twice a day for the last weeks, I've talked to them once, after which i called my local police, got an incident case against them for telephone harassment and called asking them to STOP calling me, since then I've still gotten at least two calls a day- they told me to call back to a different number than they called from and it's a message machine- it's % a scam and they must be getting some people to pay or they wouldn't be continuing- it's frustrating but I'm relieved to know there is no real threat towards me legally I keep getting phone calls from this # and i never answer and they never leave a voicemail I am wondering how is my phone # getting to them?When I sign up for something I ALWAYS make sure I check the box that sayd "do not share info" and "do not solicit" etc, I get similar calls from other #'s as well which I will report today too Caller ID says: Wehawkcrap, I mean, Weehawken NJ- Caller heard Sentry's warning and hung up without leaving a message- Bad sign, usually indicating useless sales call, low-life scammer, or worse, Many of these calls are from the lowest of the low, the foulest of the foul, dirt bag, scum-sucking bottom feeders who deserve a nice long stint in prison- Thankfully Sentry shall now block this number forever Good riddance, useless swine Had a call from this no- Answered it tonight after missing it several times- Was a survey company apparently asking various questions about lifestyle and finances- All quite vague, strangely when i tried to call back it said no- Disconnected This is suppose to be a credit repair company helping to repair your credit for a monthly fee of - To get started if you are a customer coming from Lexington law firm is - I got the number from assign post on the side of the highway- The man I spoke to name is William Arnett Clearly, you are not effected by any kind of windfall, losing a job,etc- and obviously you have money to be talking like life is a bunch of rainbows and puppy dogs- You probably were handed your money,your home and other things from Mommy and Daddy or maybe Grams or Pap Pap- Not everybody that receives calls from collectors are dead beats, I have two fulltime jobs and my wife works too- am trying to figure out how people walk from their homes and lower my value and then they live high on the hog I received text messages from an unknown source telling me my Bank of America account needs my immediate attention- And that it was urgent- , was in the text for me to call immediately- I did a search everywhere I could to find out who this number belongs to- Wound up here posting this message I also rec'd a v-mail from a Rebecca at Parker Elliot, who wanted me to call back before p that day for an interview the next day- I called back and got someone else's v-mail, so I left a msg for Rebecca but never heard back,which is probably a good thing This number call my husbands family saying they were the Florida Police Dept- First off, there are a lot of Police Depts in Florida, they didnt say which one- Second, we called the number back at :pm, guess what the message said?My mode of payment will be a certified bank check and the check will be delivered to yo within - business days- i will wait till you receive and clear the check before i make arrangement for it to be picked-up provide me your fufll name which the check will be payable-to your contact address where the check will be delivered so get back to me" It was obviously a scammer They called times , minutes apart - I think they do this to make you think its an important call trying to get through- Thank goodness for this site because now they are blocked I am thinking of buying a call blocker with a higher capacity of blocking - this is ridiculous They have called several times today and do not respond when I answer the phone- I stepped outside and came back in only to find that they were on my answering machine saying,hello, hello Then they call back, I answer, and no response again This guy called and said he was with something something international and asked for my wife by name, even though he called my personal cell phone- I asked what business he had with her and he wouldn't tell me and hung up- I think I got a call from these guys before, saying I had won a Mercedes Benz and needed to have it delivered from customs (which is just ridiculous)- Never give these people any personal information Total scam Debbie's creativity and ability to find good values in furnishings, wall coverings and floor coverings helps stretch her clients?

ability to accomplish their design goals- Debbie has stated often, "when my client is happy, I feel rewarded-"I'm having the same problem with this company - they call several times a week asking for my husband- When I ask for a callback number, or to take a message, they hang up- Any suggestions how to get them to STOP?Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 2024851.