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13-Nov-2020 07:52

Emotional honesty is best met with emotional honesty. The walls in relationships can be broken down when both partners trust each other enough to speak their emotional truths. In any case, emotional honesty is off limits to judgment.♦◊♦ For emotional honesty to become the benchmark in relationships, the first roadblock to crash through is fear.She trashed his feelings rather than tell him she wasn’t satisfied with their relationship and wanted to date.The purpose of men being emotionally honest isn’t just to satisfy women, but also to live in integrity as men.Second, that women don’t respect men who are emotionally honest.

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If the conversation devolves into a volley between “Here’s how I feel” versus “Here’s what I think about how you feel”, it’s game over.Yet if both partners remain cool and open, and resist acting defensively, they’ll be on a path to deepening intimacy.