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JR gets Little Adam back after Krystal lies on the stand to protect herself.

JR marries his aunt

He is the son of Babe Carey and her ex-husband JR Chandler. He is currently portrayed by Eric Nelsen, first seen in the premiere episode.

David seeks custody of Little Adam by making JR seem like an unfit father, but JR fights him on this.

Due to the judge at the custody hearing not being able to decide which of the two men Little Adam would be better off with, Jesse and Angie get temporary custody of him.

(4-29-13) Hunter and Miranda set up a date, which AJ doesn't like.

AJ helps Miranda pick out clothes with Miranda being just in her bra and panties at one moment.

Kevin and Kelly name the baby Asa "Ace" Buchanan II, after Kevin's grandfather Asa Buchanan.