Kingdom days sim date dating

10-Jul-2020 14:44

The game is pretty unique compared to the others Amy makes, because usually the mission is to get a date.

Here, you have to make yourself irresistable before the week (7 days) is up, when you have a date at the park with Prince Dreamboat.

then you get to know them, and it turns out they have sick grandmas they’re taking care of or lost loves in their pasts and they’re really good-hearted people, they’re just a little shut off from others. I still have to wonder why Sabe wasn’t able to snog nothing happens.

She then checks on Roland, but there’s nothing new with him in conversation or on a date. Now, both of Sabe’s other love interests (other than Roland) are in the present day…

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Then I have the option to click on the to, to progress to a new conversation — but it costs more HP because every conversation is -10 HP. It’s just extremely awkward because he’s not even or asking Sabe anything at all! Soooo to return to the story, Sabe is getting homesick. But Teddy whisks Sabe away and , we’re back to the present time! I know of one that gives you 2000 HP so you can enjoy lots of conversations without the time limit getting in the way… Sabe has become SOCIAL BUTTERFLY with endless energy! Okay, if we click on Firecat to go online, we get the Reton Mall Online Store where a bunch of androids are being sold. She really should have asked him to go outside earlier than this…Soooo choosing the right option = you don’t waste HP (because it automatically moves on to the next conversation instead of forcing you to retry it to get the “right” response). let’s see if anybody’s at the train station: to the mysterious guy with the airplane! OMG, Teddy brings up the promise to get married, just out of the blue. How cute, in My Documents on the computer she has a picture of her with Teddy and Landon. Only Landon is all off to the side and looking at Sabe and blushing in the picture. Most are sold out, but there is one left in stock and it’s 50% off! so I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of her cramped bedroom. But I’m not sure if I’m liking this whole dating-a-robot thing. It doesn’t matter, though, because very soon we reach END OF DIALOGUE with Oz!!He must have a real crush on Sabe, which explains why he rescued her and why he wanted to get her away from handsome Nathan. Teddy gives Sabe the Time Jumper device so Landon doesn’t think he stole it. It’s no wonder he went half-mad and decorated her entire room in stickers. It’s a little awkward, because of all places they go to a food court… But they seem to enjoy themselves, as afterwards conversations lead to Oz saying that he wants to touch Sabe’s hair and stuff like that. Sabe says that if Oz ever broke down, even if she got a new android, it would never be able to replace Oz and THE END.Sabe puts on the Time Jumper wristwatch thingymajig… Sabe tries to click back to our time period using the device, but it’s broken. Meanwhile, Landon likes cats better than dogs, isn’t into sports, and used to be overweight.

Fortunately, there’s a super handsome man at the train station with awesome red hair and a ) Nathan also says Sabe can sleep at his house while he works on the device. I think Sabe is freaking out, she keeps getting the sweat icon over her head. He also is the one who usually goes home and cooks dinner for himself and Teddy.

but my favorite guy in this game has been ROLAND THE PILOT!! It seems a very convenient way to break up with other boyfriends…

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