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There it stood before him now, a bright iridescent green in the midday sun, leaves softly brushed by the breeze.

Even with the danger of death around him, he felt really good. Roy took four sheets of Rizzla papers from his packet, licked two together and joined them, and then licked another two together, and joined the two amalgamated pieces together to make one large long sheet of wrapping for the bullet he was about to manufacture.

This Stryder, he surmised, was on the level." Yeah, good idea," thought Derek, "at least it would save me having to slither all the way up there and back again, and if what you say is true, I might not have a memory when I come down, and it would be better to try it on level ground, you reckon?

"Stryder scampered up the bush and in a matter of half a minute, had de-leafed the whole thing, the leaves dropping to the ground in a neat pile around the stem, and to Derek's relief, right in front of him.

He watched the centipede return to the ground and they approached the feast before them.

He noticed the smell, sort of pungent, but not too overpowering.

The green of the leaves not as bright as his favourite lettuce but nonetheless inviting.

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If HPV is SO common, how come hardly any of my friends — sophisticated, city-bred, educated and sex-positive men and women — have a general understanding of the virus beyond "warts, gross"?… continue reading »

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