Lactating and dating

22-May-2020 13:03

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Men can totally lactate if they want the job and have the right tools.Right now, we call the process of feeding a baby milk breastfeeding or nursing and it is a job for the mother.And the striking part is that it is not even difficult to reach this motherly level.Medical Intervention In this case, you generally, need to introduce both estrogen and prolactin into the system, often by injection.Some drugs, like Thorazine—an antipsychotic popular in the mid-20th century—and the heart medication digoxin have induced milk from men as a side effect.Starvation It has been said that during World War II, thousands of men reported lactation while held as prisoners either in Japanese POW camps or Nazi concentration camps.

Because the beer initially was manufactured with a kind of yeast that gave it a high iron content, it was ." Nursing mothers were then encouraged to imbibe this drink as a milk-boosting tonic, too.So, for a man who truly desires to experience what it feels like to produce breast milk and maybe, breastfeed a baby, all you need to do is to constantly play with your nipples for a long time.Since repeated mechanical stimulation is a natural way of releasing prolactin, your nipples will become viable milk projectors as soon as you have enough prolactin in your system.Nipple stimulation Have you ever wondered how it is possible for adoptive mothers to breastfeed? From time immemorial, orphaned babied have been traditionally nurtured and nourished by other women, usually, a relative, who if not already lactating, puts the baby to breast and the infant’s sucking after about three to four weeks, would result to milk supply.

This according to Jared Diamond, suggests that mere stimulation can induce enough hormonal action to produce breast milk.

A 38-year-old Sri Lankan man proved in 2002, that this point is actually true when he reportedly began breastfeeding his second child after his wife died in the course of childbirth.

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