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15-Jul-2020 10:28

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Their English is good (generally worse if they’re Russian-Latvian) and can take banter pretty well.

Some of them are desperate to leave Latvia, others seem to accept their situation pretty well, and still others don’t even care.

If you’re doing business with Russians in Riga, be careful as there is a slight scamming element, especially since there are so many tourists.

Taxis, housing and nightlife are the common scam attempts (both among locals and Russians). I don’t want to paint all the people of Latvia like this, but for some reason it feels shadier than in say Estonia or Russia itself.

Like Estonians, they’re open to sex so long as their social circle/reputation is not at stake.

That said, they’re more western than eastern oriented and it reflects in their dress and sexual attitude.In Riga especially, foreigners are part of the package, so while a girl may still be interested in where you’re from, for her it doesn’t matter so much as there are tons of opportunities to meet foreigners every day from every place.Most crucial when it comes to Latvian girls, is can you not only form an emotional, but an intellectual connection?There isn’t as much of a modernist, feminist careerist mentality among Latvian girls compared to their neighbors.

This makes their personalities more pleasant to deal with. Unlike their Estonian sisters, they don’t feel as compelled to ally with the “Nordic” mentality or be a modern overachiever.Latvia has beautiful nature, and like her sister countries, it’s no surprise the majority of the country is actually countryside lush with forests and Baltic coastline.

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