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Above all, your run Britain, that country suspended habeasmisbegotten message will receive extensive corpus. This (Brooks does not note) is supporters of Israel, would deny that whileespecially true if the work plays to one or continuous threats from armed neighborsmore widely held prejudices, especially those and terrorists and the various responses tothat people usually refrain from speaking them have helped to keep the segments ofabout. He ulti-that could pose an imminent threat to the mately fears that Mexicans might grab a large United States.Such books are extra-popular because Israeli society together, they have alsothey give license to the expression of silently involved a measure of militarization of theembraced prejudices by claiming that they nation and imposed limits on various civilhave a base in scholarship and even science. However, if such works were roundly ignored The key issue then is to determine whether a nation truly faces particular threats477 Contemporary Sociology 34, 5#2435—CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGY—VOL 34 NO 5—FILE: 34501_rev_essay_1478–Essayor whether such concerns are largely Huntington argues that if this develop-drummed up if not totally manufactured— ment is allowed to continue, it may lead to asay, in order to keep a nation under the con- profound breakup of the nation, or as hetrol of one power elite or another and to posits, “The possibility of a de facto splitmake its citizens accept various governmen- between a predominately Spanish-speakingtal measures that they otherwise would not America and English-speaking America .|.|.tolerate. a major potential threat to the cul-curtailment of rights, economic belt-tighten- tural and possibly political integrity of theing, and discrimination against foreigners, United States” (ibid. Even more recently, it has part of the United States: “No other immi-been witnessed in the argument of whether grant group in American history has assertedor not Social Security is indeed in “crisis.” We or has been able to assert a historical claim tomust ask: If the various threats are real what American territory. And if the dangers are Americans can and do make that claim” (ibid.vastly exaggerated, what purposes are served p. He later writes, “Mexican-Americans,by such a politics of fear?its territory to Mexico and its Anglo-Ignore them altogether, as one ought to treat Protestant identity will be undermined) thatthe ruminations of Holocaust deniers?Or implicitly call for stronger countermeasures.examine them mainly as ideological tracts?probable reaction from a once dominant (Huntington 2004: 221)1 ethnic-racial group that feels threatened by the rise of other groups. The Bell Curve, for exam-from Mexico should end—a solution that he ple, includes a very large body of statisticalseems to think could lead to the resolution of tables and numerous correlations. Indeed, he con- some merit in showing that the data selectedsiders this possibility at some length, writing for use in these works and the ways in whichthat “The possibility of a de facto split they are interpreted are grossly misleadingbetween predominately Spanish-speaking (the ability to demonstrate the true measure America and English-speaking America of the threat is essential to the arguments ofwould disappear, and with it a major poten- both Huntington and his critics).It could pro-1 Books by Samuel Huntington cited: ———. However, atial threat to the cultural and possibly politi- warning is called for.

It couldof identity: “The end of the Cold War be argued that one should use all social mea-deprived America of the evil empire against surements possible in responding towhich it could define itself” (ibid. Thus,will only briefly show that even if one no one is biting off large chunks of America,accepts Huntington’s particular selection of but America is sinking its teeth into othermeasurements and their interpretations, one people’s turf.still does not find the threats that he evokes.

Demographically, socially, andare undermining the “Anglo-Protestant culturally that is well under way” (ibid.creed,” destroying the shared identity that p. These immigrants do soby refusing to assimilate, to learn English, Huntington often resorts to the device notand to become American citizens and by of advocating a particular course of actionmaintaining a segregated society centered on but of claiming to predict that it may takeun-American values.

According to place (or, is one of the major options that the Huntington, it is not entirely the Mexicans’ nation faces).

, he is writ-but insightful book Bobos in Paradise: The ing as a patriot and a scholar, in that order.

New Upper Class and How They Got There thatone way to make it in our public intellectual Taken on its own, the threat-response the-life is to be dead wrong.Thus, change America into a culturally bifurcat- Huntington writes: ed Anglo-Hispanic society with two national languages.