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01-Sep-2020 19:44

Google Maps SDK for i OS is largely responsible for adding maps.

Google Places API for i OS helps in detecting the location, and other advanced features.

Geolocation technology has opened the doors for many new startup ideas and establishments which could never have existed without this technology.

The ability to integrate geolocation into mobile applications has brought to light new kinds of market strategies and changed the whole flow of interaction with the consumer.

The geofencing triggers can be of three types: There are a variety of navigational applications which at once come to mind whenever we talk about maps and navigation.

Geofencing uses GPS in the user's mobile device for determining how close they are to a particular point.

It refers to the signals from the phone within a Wi-Fi point's database.

The second one is used in frequently visited places.

Using the Geo Tag or GPS location of a smartphone, a great location-based application development solution can be created for any industry domain.

Various location-based applications can be developed, like weather alert systems, livestock trackers, and location-based advertisement systems.

With Wi-Fi, we can determine the location in two different ways.

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