Lotus notes local replica not updating

12-Feb-2020 11:32

And then the user, go to Windows Explorer, and double click to open thelocal replica of her notes mailbox, and prompted with password as usual,when she enters the password (same one as entered when prompted for Notesclinet login), and she's able to open the local replica of the Notes DBwithout any problem. It is possible that during off line replication someone copied an older id to a directory the replica looks to for authentication.She exit the Notes client, and click to logon to the Notes client again, andnow she's ok with the logon (with same password). Also check the "Office" location document and ensure it is pointing to the proper ID for authentication.Resolution: -1 If this error occurs while in a local replica of mail file or other database, then compacting the database resolves the error.In some instances, deleting the and files, located in the C:\NOTES\DATA folder, then rebooting the client will suffice. The Notes password is stored in the ID file of the user (*.id).Is it possible Notes was re-configured from a previous user and the location document or file are still pointing to an older user id file in the database.When user try to logon to Notes client, enter the password as prompted, andthe following message is displayed:'Wrong Password. Why is that afteropening the local replica fixes the 'Wrong Password' problem? The ID file is normally (Should be) stored in the C:\Notes\Data directory.(Passwords are case sensitive - be sure to use correctupper and lower case.)And even though after making sure of the correctness of the password and the ID file used, the same message persists. I would do a file search on the PC to ensure you do not have two ID files located on the PC.

Continue reading as we will be sharing cause and solutions to this issue in the upcoming segment. Let’s check out some of the most common reasons and their fixing methods.Deleting all but the top 4 lines of the ini file will regenerate the setup.

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