Love test for women dating a married man

16-Dec-2020 05:04

This guy notices the new dress you bought, every time you get a haircut or when you’ve just changed the colour of your lipstick.

In the beginning, these compliments are harmless, but with time, he will try to check your limits and boundaries and will become more and more open and direct with his compliments.

A married man will probably not confess his love to you directly because he knows he is not available, but he’ll show that he’s attracted to you through other ways.

If this man is into you, he will get extra nervous every time he is around you, he will look you deep in the eyes or will stare at you without any apparent reason and he will use every opportunity to touch you.

All of these are non-verbal signs he is in love with you.

When a guy is in love with you, he’ll use every possible opportunity he can to initiate any kind communication with you.

This man will ask you about your boyfriend or dating life, despite the topic of your life should be out of his boundaries.

This guy won’t be able to help himself but to smile and laugh at everything you say.