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I think it’s interesting talking about the worlds of Alien and Blade Runner because they both have big, evil corporations in them (Weyland-Yutani and the Tyrell Corporation). We could all do better because we’re all part of it with our desire for consumption. Is there a better way to utilise our talents and recognise what those talents are? I love football and I realised a long time ago that a football team is about the club. What I think had happened over a time is that we’d forgotten that the key thing in the company, which is the ability to produce and produce well.

Is there something there that’s complicated to navigate? Not too many people choose austerity and don’t want a new pair of trainers. I’m not saying we’ve all got to be do-gooders but consciously, there is a responsibility. It’s been a very interesting process of soul searching. We have this inherent skill that has been invented from within in the company over the last 50 years. It’s about understanding where we’re going as a company.

Eschewing the tried-and-tested trailer format, the films promote the main event without using clips of the feature, but instead using all original content and parallel narratives.

Here, Luke chats to It’s Nice That about how these intend to stir up the staid movie trailer devices, and takes us behind the scenes of their creation.. We did more for and each time the budget got bigger and bigger.

We get to show it before you see it in the feature film, which is cool., we had the sets and the characters; also as second unit director, if I made something totally different to the rest of the film, they wouldn’t be able to cut it in and I’d get fired pretty quickly!

For me it’s a great training process for my own work, it’s a lesson in adaptation. The art department is incredibly helpful in creating the vision.

He leads the Baltimore Orioles in HRs (six) and has 15 RBIs.

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I’ve got some great people with me: my brother Jake and my sister Jordan. While we’ve been around for 50 years, it’s looking forward to how we’re going to show up in the next 50 years, which is key, and to make sure that the Ridley Scott legacy remains, endures and grows. It’s about the process that has to be repeated so accurately and if you don’t the arrows start drifting off. Writing is part of my skillset as a director and it was always my passion.

Care had to be taken as to the nature of these artificial beings, and how it fitted into the franchise.