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16-Jan-2021 13:37

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The city’s museums and historic palaces open their doors until the early hours.

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Most take place in the capital Valletta, the location for the one-night only Notte Bianca and the biggest (but not the wildest) Mardi Gras parade.Download the app and book for now or later, in an instant.Enjoy the comfort of the quietest cabs on the Island, and travel around Malta at the best price.This was the 18th edition of the event organised by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Tourism Ministry. It is estimated there are about 35 fireworks factories in Malta, with the tradition dating back centuries.

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The pyrotechnics craft goes back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John, which used to mark important dates, including the election of a Grand Master or a Pope or the birth of a prince, by special fireworks displays.

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