Manager intimidating employees

21-Feb-2021 21:25

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, surveys show these are the 25 most common tactics bullies use.Staring and glaring are just a few ways bullies might try to intimidate their targets without saying a word.

As a manager, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this.

Despite evidence that a project meets the company's standards, a bully might say it's not good enough or doesn't meet guidelines.

Bullies often insist their targets aren't meeting the standards, even though they are performing the same as other employees.

So, here are four ways that I changed my actions—and my mindset—to get over my fear of confrontation.

OK, so your employees probably aren’t thinking to themselves, “Man, I wish my manager would tell me I’m doing a bad job.” But put yourself in their shoes: Imagine that you’ve been working day in and day out, thinking that everything’s going fine—until your manager comes to you one day and, without warning, announces, “You’ve been underperforming for months, so we have to let you go.”Pretty unfair, right?

Many people resist filing a complaint against a bully because they fear retaliation. Forty-five percent of individuals say they've seen a bully retaliate against someone after they became aware that a complaint was filed against them.

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