Mandating education

05-Feb-2021 01:53

Follow uniform standards to facilitate placement, enrollment, graduation, data collection, and other decisions involving children in grades K-12 when they move to other states because their parents are deployed on active duty in the U. (The courses of study include arts, career education, consumer education, health and safety, language arts, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies, and, in secondary school, world language and vocational education.) center in numbers that are at least equal to (1) the number specified in any written agreement it has with a vo-ag center or (2) if there is no written agreement, the average number of its students enrolled in the center during the three previous school years.

Attest that the instruction is planned, ongoing, and systematic.

Annually submit data to the SBE to determine the total number of minority students and teachers, and students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches in the district, in each school, and in each grade.

Provide a flag for each classroom and the grounds of each school and see that it is properly displayed.

Adopt written policies and procedures, approved by the school medical officer, if school board allows a school nurse or other authorized personnel to give students medicine or allows a student to self-administer medicine.

School nurse or principal must select a qualified school employee to, under certain conditions, give a glucagon injection to a student with diabetes who may require prompt treatment to protect him or her from serious harm or death.

Provide the DCF commissioner, upon her request and for the purpose of investigating suspected child abuse or neglect by a teacher the board employs, any records the board maintains or keeps on file, regardless of another law (Allow retired teachers from the district who are not participating in Medicare Part A and B to continue participation in any group health insurance plan the district maintains for active teachers and charge retirees a premium no greater than that charged to active teachers for the same coverage.

Provide school accommodations, including transportation, for all district students; notify the alleged responsible school board of any child to whom it denies accommodations; and follow hearing procedures for denial.

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Include a total of 20 minutes of physical exercise in each regular school day for K-5 students (except special education students or students on Individualized Education Programs with a different exercise schedule).

If a juvenile detention facility operated by, or under contract with, the Judicial Department is located in the school district, be responsible for providing, and paying part of the cost of, regular and special education and related services for students held in the facility.

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