Marvin sapp dating dating single sexy women

19-May-2020 09:20

Whatever the outcome I hope both are in it for the right reasons.

My sister in Christ you are still being judgmental.

We need to support each other, not crucify one another. His music is very instrumental to many hurting souls.

He has been an open book and testimony for what he has gone through. I agree with the lady who said that if you see evidence of something, there is nothing wrong with calling it what it is.

None of us can say what her personal relationship with God is.

Marvin Sapp has the right to date and remarry, as long as God approves.

Whatever the outcome I hope both are in it for the right reasons. If she do call herself save and sanctified why be on such a show showing her flesh like that and posting these pics.

The bible says to not let your good be evil spoken of.

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She can change if she really found love and happiness....

And I do hope that this is all for the right reasons and he's not jeopardizing his salvation for no one. If I'm looking at something that looks just like a duck walks like one and quacks like one I would imagine its a duck.

It's possible to still be in vulnerable state of mind especially if your wife hasn't been gone that long. It doesn't matter how much a person talk about God and like you said we don't know them personally but what we're seeing with our eyes doesn't look Godly.

How could u disrespect her honor, the mother of your children with this crazy bbh*e I am so disappointed in him nd I will never support his music again!!! It is best that each of us work out our own soul salvation. As a matter of fact, why don't you read the story of Hosea and Gomer in the bible. What difference does it make how long his wife has been? You don't the plan God has for him or how he's going help turn this young lady around.

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#Where RThe Real Men Of God The requirement in the vows states "until death do ye part". AND, I'm sure he's not going to miss your support of his music, considering there's a lot more people out there who's less judgmental and support HIS right to date whomever he likes!!!And I do hope that this is all for the right reasons and he's not jeopardizing his salvation for no one.

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