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I knew that I wanted to be with her, but I wasn’t sure if marrying in those circumstances would be fair to her — she’d leave her country, her family, her career, really the whole shot.

I had spent the day before fasting about what to do. You can have your arranged meals, your blindfolded romps, your big-screen proposals at the basketball game — I like our engagement narrative.

I wasn’t really focused on the movie — I hadn’t received an answer to my prayers, and I was weighing pros and cons, working out how we could maintain relationship in different countries and how soon I could get back to Finland without destroying my career. It embodies those elements of our relationship I still value most — emotional clarity, spontaneous matter-of-factness, and a desire to act upon that which feels right.

And then, during the commercial, as I saw her in another room, I suddenly knew I should do everything I could to stay with her, and that we could make each other happy. And so, in that first moment of knowing, I called to her and said, ‘Hey, we should get married.’ I explained how I felt, and she explained how she felt.

The eigenvalues of F may be obtained in terms of the zeros of the Hermite polynomials.

They are positive and occur in reciprocal pairs; thus if N is odd, 1 is an eigenvalue. It is a symmetric, tridiagonal matrix with pairs of nearly, but not exactly, equal eigenvalues. W = WILKINSON(n, CLASSNAME) returns a matrix of class CLASSNAME, which can be either 'single' or 'double' (the default).

Someone asked how we got engaged, and my wife laughed. We were at H’s apartment on a Monday night watching There’s a little more to the story.

We had known each other for almost two years — I had been her home teacher — but we had only been dating for six weeks.

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