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15-Feb-2021 16:55

Types of language and body language, these kind of women may use to convince you, to love and marry them –  I love you very much and won’t leave you for the entire life.  It is so pleasant to hear your voice, please keep calling me.  I have cooked food but don’t want to eat alone, I would like to feed you first then eat.

 Through out the life we shall be together – I shall never leave you.

Nepalese women following you up regularly and showing you extreme love on the internet sites, phone or other communication means, can have a completely different intention and can be a very dangerous effect on your life in the future.

The women who are actually facing difficulties in the remote parts can never get access to the law but the spoilt kind of women specially in the capital and the cities have made this into a great business to earn quick fortune.

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I learned long ago that if you are with three Nepalis and the conversation goes into a lull, all you need to do is to solicit opinions as to arranged vs love marriage, and you will be supplied with conversation for eight hours. Especially those Nepalese living abroad – who are unaware of the scandal prevailing in Nepal.

And there may be behind these women – a few UNIQUE kind of seudomists in black coats (lawyers) pre planning the great grand design to loot you and destroy your life, driving the conspiracy.  If you marry me I shall obey everything you say and will always walk your way.