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Tried it, but unless I get a kickass twohanded axe I rather go with the self heal from the blocks for longevity.In other news I got enough money to liberate my house again and my keg is still there. Man, I forgot how much I love the little things in this game!From there Marween and I hacked it down as best we could; finally I had to hit my HOLYSHIT RUN FAST ability and dip.Marween let out his scream ability and took the aggro right before I went down; I dove between some orcs and managed to get out without taking a fatal hit. Just getting back into LOTRO, taking it slow, so only a level 16 Guardian so far.We might try it again and I will try that Radiance horn I got from the Moria pre-order tokens, maybe it will at least keep the screen from going all dark and maybe we will panic just a little bit less.Just finished everything in Bree area and BD's except for the 3 Great Barrows quests.:) They're so much better in Moria, the small ones in Eregion (School and Library) are a blast to do with queer (like LM Burg Capt) group compositions.Turbine are pretty fast learners it seems, the grind to reward ratio has been improving rapidly since launch.

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The most memorable bit for me was running too late, at 23 morale, and hauling ass back up the barrow with two cursed wights on my ass.

Also I need to get the twisted wood for my woodworker quest!

I am in love with the legendary system and working on getting 6 tied to me so I can level them up then nuke the for RUNES.

If you went back to the same NPC when she came back for the harvest festival, you got a decorative pot of black mushrooms to put in your house.*proud owner*Yes. It's starting I think the 17th and ending January 6th. The pub crawl is awesome, that introduced me to exactly how bad the drunk effects can get.

There was another great event during their spring event where you had to get smashed, and then run along a crooked fence, which also included a jump or two, and it had a timer, so you couldn't just take it easy.

The battle last night was in Moria; I was questing in a random location and Marween showed up to do what he does.

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One mom implored the founder by email to help her soon-to-be 37-year-old daughter who “continues to enter into relationships that have no long-term possibilities: men with children, musicians, foreigners, unemployed artists.” A 33-year-old man, and a self-professed “pedigree snob,” wrote to Bradford: “Save me from the Tinder cesspool.” A 20-something Vogue editor has had no fewer than six emails sent on her behalf (she still hasn’t been accepted).… continue reading »

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