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26-Aug-2020 17:23

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Even used my faith I met this guy said his name was dr. He needed i Tunes cards and 00 usd for his sons medical bills. Every morning he would send me song, poems, and pics of flowers.Said he wanted to marry me but I blocked this scammer.I feel silly because I sent him gift cards but thank God I stopped while I was ahead. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake.

You did the right thing by refusing to send money or pay the fee.

Nobody has 5.5 million in “cash delivered “ anywhere. This sound similar to some I have chatted with recently the amount is the same want Amazon voucher sonhecancall the company he went by the name of Walter Christopher and speaks French I have now found the pictures he sent are fake and the guy he has taken from has had its one loads oftime . for work as an engineer then has a project in Cyprus. I want to let you see the videos and pictures that he sent me.

hey I have somebody talking to he name or last name is Mason can be the same one, he said, he is an engineer and he is in the black sea right now, he has houses in Texas and bla bla bla do you have a lic of him almost sure is the same one Hi I had spoken to a guy that claims to be manson has a very strange accent pretends to have be born in nz but working as a submarine engineer on an undercover misson lives in Wellington has a son Kyle , had a daughter die in car accident , wife was a nurse and died three years ago , found his bilogical father in australia just before his death , currently on undercover misson Cape Verde This guy on IG contacted me about seven weeks ago. Hey I was just reading about all the scammers and came across yours, my guy sounds Hispanic but says hes german and Hispanic. American rig contractor needs flight money home but things go wrong and he always needs more!! but not with video chats (which can be faked by the way) and not with phone calls or texts. he's still talking to me and we use Hangouts but that is the only form of communication, no phone number is given.

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His profile shows he is a US Marine and he is in Kansas. I know I'm being played but he hasnt gotten anything from me although he did try to get me to open a back account..not falling for that a bit...wonder if it's the same guy? £2,400 later he still in contact wants to marry me! USA Italian accent I had one call pics are from another man who said he is a scammer and got him blocked on Instagram but he remains it is him He’s a liar Same mine said works on oil rig ready to retire, father of twins Susan and Henry who r in boarding school UK since they where 9 and he lives in Miami, currently working in Turkey at Batman oil refinery. Then asked me why I was being insulting when I said ur a scammer. But he was a scammer who asked me to help him with a box full of documents and gold. And that was after 8 months of communication with him. If he said he’s from Canada then really look at the pictures he sends and see if it matches the location he told you he lives. It’s quite alright to use them as friendship and share music, movies, etc. Every morning he sends me a poem along with a picture of flowers and tell me how much I mean to him and I'm the only one besides his mom in his life and without me he would probably kill himself.....They ask you to: Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine?