Microsoft dns ptr records not updating

28-Aug-2020 13:12

My previous article was about bulk DNS records creation in forward lookup zone.

This time we will focus on the same activity but in reverse lookup zone.

This is not a typical and common process as DNS is often self-managing and dynamic.

Let’s assume that you have a number of records from devices that cannot dynamically update, and you are currently using static A and CNAME records to define them.

In my opinion this kind of task is much more frequently used that the previous on. Because in regular basis when you create host (A) record in forward lookup zone you don’t care about pointer (PTR) record in reverse lookup zone.

This may happen due to 3 scenarios: So, one of these cases may lead you to bulk PTR records creation in the future when you realize that you need this kind of record(s).

I will try to simply show you, how to do that very quickly using the least administrative effort because using DNS Management console is not very convenient and fast method (you need to create each records separately by hand).

I will show you how to do that using simple scripts based on: Windows DNScmd command is by default available on Windows Server 2008/2008R2 server where DNS role has been installed.

I’ve noted the updates in the following post: I have also updated the code below to reflect the new code.An example CSV file for 2 values octet,host Name,zone Name 105,test Host06.testenv.local,,test Host07.testenv.local,,test Host08.testenv.local,,test Host09.testenv.local,,test Host10.testenv.local,3.168.192.This is new feature and can be only used with Power Shell 3.0 which is available in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (or in other Windows versions as it was mentioned at the beginning of this article).There are variety of DNS cmd-lets to manage DNS server and one of them is Add-DNSServer Resource Record PTR and we will use it in this article. We need to prepare script for multiple records creation.Because this is not a commonly occurring task, there are no native Power Shell Cmd Lets to do this.

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What we can do however is get the best of breed by using Power Shell to parse a file and craft the command line to use the Microsoft DNSCMD command line tool.

It can be a standard Primary, or an Active Directory Integrated zone.