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15-Jan-2021 03:10

Then one date 2 months in drops that she has back pain that doctors can't explain and she was admitted to a psych ward against her will one time. Also constantly sick and injured which doesn't suit my active lifestyle. Get to past relationships, yurns out she is a manipulative psycho and treats relationships as some sort of game. So should I give up and just go back to fun with carefree, fun 20-24 year olds.

Or where the fuck do you meet reasonable women who aren't so damaged.

Ultimately, it can lead to problems, but it's doable, I would think.

Frankly, the OP sounds like the kind of person that despises religion in any form, so I don't think they would be able to tolerate it.

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They are also women who have made good strides in their chosen careers.

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You like dating 20-24 year olds because things are easy and carefree but women your own age have kids/are crazy and offer nothing? Also, confused about the "Jewish religion bomb" comment. Jewish people don't usually care what your religion is or try to convert you, if you're religious yourself then try meeting women at church. Getting the vibe that you didn't, based on your post.Now that said, as an athiest* dating someone who is religious, or even someone religious dating an athiest*, it can work out just fine.

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