Modern dating terminology

01-Aug-2020 19:42

I like to pride myself on keeping up with new terminology and expressions.So I was disappointed to discover that I was unfamiliar with the new dating lexicon that seems to have suddenly popped up on social media. Breadcrumbing Sending out flirty, but non-committal, text messages (breadcrumbs) hoping to lure a partner without making much of an effort.This of course involves changing your Facebook relationship status to mirror your newly confirmed relationship." Netflix & Chill "If a partner asks you to ‘come over for Netflix & chill’ you can guarantee that the TV won’t be on for long!" Thirsty "If someone is ‘thirsty’ they are very needy for attention, to the point of desperation." Thirst Trap "A ‘thirsty’ person might lay a Thirst Trap, in which they share a photo of their best physical feature to seduce their Crush." Deep Like "Most people fear being a deep-liker, but for some people out there, deep-liking is a proven method for showing your crush you like them.These people want the relationship to progress, so are flirting via all kinds of means, but are vague and often frustrating."We all hope a bencher is really just a tuner, but be sure to tell the difference between under-confidence and indifference." Talking "When someone tells their friends they are “talking” to a girl or guy, it usually means they are dating them, but casually." FBO "To some, the pinnacle of online dating: FBO stands for Facebook Official.R-Bombing You r-bomb a friend when you leave a message as “read” but don’t reply.Situationship A relationship that is free of labels.

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"Ghosting can happen at any point in a relationship, and even between friends.The following terms and definitions come courtesy of Claire Certain, global head of trends at dating app happn.

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