My xbox 360 froze while updating

23-Apr-2020 05:42

I'm beginning to wonder if it is attempting to download an update for the software similar to how Windows does.

I've experienced something very similar with my Windows 10 PC turning itself on to download an update (but not install it until I manually restart). Since the console doesn't have a physical power button, certain things falling/resting in front of the button may trigger it.

I do use the Xbox app on Windows 10 as well as on my phone, but as far as I know, these cannot turn the console on (they can connect to the console, however it needs to be on first before they can). My Kinect is no longer connected to my Xbox and it still happens.

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My Xbox is also set to be fully turned off and no background updates.

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Visit Stack Exchange This has been happening for some time now. Sometimes, it doesn't make the sound when it turns itself on, I just happen to notice the light on my Xbox One and Kinect are both on. I do not have the "Instant On" feature enabled, nor do I have the "Keep my games & apps up to date" feature enabled.

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Use the Store tab in the app to browse and buy your favorite digital PC games, DLC, or add-ons.Also make sure that the Xbox 360 is not on carpet or any other soft surface, as this will clog ventilation. With larger games like Star Ocean or the Last Remnant, your Xbox 360 can overload when reading the massive amount of data coming from the disk.